March 1, 2008

A DaY WeLL SpEnt

Hubby and I spend our morning at home relaxing. I made a breakfast for us and we ate together. We missed to have that and I can only do that every weekend. From the time I started to work, I spend my morning alone and prepare something for myself. I can only bid him with a kiss either in bed or when he wakes up early.

Some days ago he asked me to spend quality time and his looking forward to it over the weekend. It was a great idea and I granted his wish wholeheartedly. He is a very thoughtful guy and he always makes sure he can spend more time with me as possible. The weekday schedule is quite busy for us and the time to spend when we are off from work is something that needs to nourish.

We are on our 2nd year in marriage. The time to fritter should be worth it to make the relationship sturdy. He doesn’t want us to be distant to each other. He looks up to the consequence of the marriage. And by no means wouldn’t squander the time by an uneventful ways.

We drove to highway 92 passed the beautiful hills and scenery and stopped at the beach in Poplar St, Half Moon Bay. Got out from the car, walked to the edge of the hill, oversee the picturesque view of the bay, heard the splash of the waves and the medium sound chills from the wind. We just stood there up on the hill didn’t walked barefoot down to the shore but it was a moment to spare with an alluring thoughts.

We left the place to look for food, ate at Popeyes and safely get back to home. Relaxed a little bit, made to think of seeing a movie. Browsed the internet and read reviews and arrived at AMC Mercado in Mission and watched the “Vantage Point”. It was a great movie. Filled with plotting scene and you keep on guessing who is the terrorist. I just don’t like the way the scene were divided by each character. It bore me parts in the middle but the last scene was touchy. It took us an hour and a half in the theatre, home at last and ate ice cream sundae from Mcdo and finishing up this writing. Until next time.

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