March 27, 2008

Need to rest

I work today feeling good. Liz came to work with her sickness. She's coughing from time to time. It's terrible to hear her doing it and a pity for her. But she just needed to work maybe she doesn't have much sick time. Anyway, all through out the day I am trying to get busy. My boss still bothers me with that changeable attitude of his. His personality is like night and day.

In the afternoon, he came to my cube. We've got some talk about relationship and a persons personality. He told me about how he is and not really so attractive for me. He said his gf was suprised about how he is. Maybe that's why all of that arguing is going on between him and his gf. It would just give me the impression of not so my typical person to deal with. After that short conversation, before the clock hits 4 he told me to go home. He thanked me for the job well done this week while Liz was sick. So I went off and did some little clothes shopping at a very nearby store.

I tried on the clothes I bought and ate for snacks. I begun to feel strange about my system. At work, I had some little running nose. I could have that from Liz since she's still sick. This very moment while I am writing my thoughts, I feel a chill. I spoke with my hubby awhile ago and told him I don't feel good. He told me to take some clarinex so I will not get worst which I did just a minute ago. I will not stay long now. I need to get rest I don't want to get so sickly.

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