August 30, 2008

Scenic Tour

Our day started with a breakfast at Denny's. I had to taste eggs again. So yummy. Well you might ask why I said yummy? Because, I don't eat eggs as much as I want to. I am allergic to it but at times I have cravings I eat it though I know it will cause me rashes after. I am so happy to have that taste again today. I will just worry days after the effect of my bad choice today.

Let's forget about my health problems, will talk about what my day is. The day hasn't ended yet and we will be going out tonight for dinner at Cannery Row. But before I could talk on that later, I will let you know where and what did I do few hours ago. Hubby and I went to Carmel. We walked around some shops, took pictures and I got a surprise from hubby who bought a purse for me. My smile were wide. How can you not smile right? Women are fascinated with gifts especially good quality upscale accessories. I love him very dearly today. LOL!

Anyway, after my heart widening for happiness. We had a little time inside a coffee shop. We had a good drink there. I had finished mine and decided to stroll a little more with the shops and drove to 17 mile drive. The view was so fantastic. I had seen huge mansion multi millionaire houses and golf courses. It was a good drive up there. We also witnessed a wedding at one of the point stop. It was a very romantic wedding. They were lucky that the weather was nice. We passed by pacific grove and once again love the Victorian houses, trees and the beach.

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