September 19, 2008

Running around

I was kind of busy today at work. My recycling paper work was loaded today. I spent time on it while jogging calls and phone dispatching. I am with the new employee. She's okay at work. My boss called me to check on my day and it's kind of him to do that. While the old man handle the closing of the building so I was free to go. I just shut down the system.

Before I could run my thoughts to something else, last night I had spent my time thinking what to give for hubby. I made a list and write some places where to go. After work, hubby already know about my plan that I will need to do some shopping. I made my stops and bought some. I then picked up my hubby from his job. I drove towards home and just dropped him off. I went to a couple of store bought the items on my list, gas up my car and head home. I am excited for this one. I hope hubby will appreciate my thoughts.

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