November 15, 2009

Gun Range

I had overpower my fears today about holding a real gun and able to shoot it. My very first experience in the gun range was nerve wracking but after a few times, it was like firecrackers. Somehow, if the sound comes from a near distance, probably I could get a kick but if it’s farther maybe not.

I went to Reed’s Indoor Range today. The location where it is at, it is just few blocks away from work. Coincidence and I amazed. I got in there. I signed up some paper form, choose a gun to rent and got inside. It’s a little bit tiny compare to the open range I went to. I was not there alone and hubby was very supportive. He taught me how and when to shoot. He is a good teacher. I fired a couple of times. Checked on it and there I saw some hits on the target. An old folk right beside us was observing and giving me tips and he was nice to do that. But after a time, I felt annoyed. He might just want somebody to talk to. By some means, I tried to focus and the last 2 sets of round I hit on target 3 times and most of my hits were closer together. I was able to use 2 guns and felt the difference of each kick. I liked the .22 caliber. It’s better and I have a good grip on my hand.

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Hazelicious929 said...

wow! new hobby nimo ni yadz? kalami ba oi. Hadlok na ko nimo ana hehehe