December 15, 2010

A Cautious Approach to Santa

Guest post written by Derick Burks

Going to see Santa is always an exciting experience but not always in a good way. I remember when the kids were tiny their reactions to the big guy and his big red suit were not as positive as I had anticipated. My youngest daughter was terrified of Santa and would not have anything to do with him. She didn't like him one bit and I'd already paid for a photo. I ended up sitting on Santa's lap myself and holding her in my lap on his lap, but the pictures showed a certain horror on her face that is unmistakable.

On another note please remember to lock the doors to lock your doors and turn on all burglar alarms (more information) in your home or car. My neighbors have been broken into several times this year, and I know during the holiday season those statistics go up. Keep an eye on your purse while seeing Santa and doing holiday shopping, even in the grocery store. Don't leave your pocket book in the shopping cart. I witnessed a purse getting taken out of a purse a few years ago that was left in a buggy at the grocery store. Always hang on to the baby stroller when the baby is in it, and use the safety straps. Never leave a child unattended. Hold the hands of smaller kids who are walking, and keep an eye on teens during Christmas shopping. Crime rates are up all over the country and unfortunately they always spike around the holiday season.

Shop safely, and have a great holiday!!!

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