December 14, 2010

Miss to Be Fit

I used to be in a local band way back home. I get used to the noise of the band practice and rehearsals. Part of that as well is the dancing practice where it turned to be my exercise regimen. For such long years of being a groupie to my brother’s band and me as one of the members of a band, dancing is always been my thing. I miss those moments when I don’t have to worry about my weight nor take any diet pills because the vigorous practice with my band and constant appearance of my brother’s gigs helped me maintained my fit body. Now, my life has changed for years since I got married. The food and location made a drastic alteration to my every day life. I am not as fit as the way I was. I feel like the best diet pills out there would really be of help to my insecurities.

I wish to really start doing it these days. I want to wear fitting fashionable clothes which I love doing. The status of my weight put me into a different perspective. I have changed few styles of clothing that I didn’t get to worry before and now that made me think differently. I have been thinking about the weight loss diet pills all the time if this weight of mine won’t do me any good. I want to feel better and be more fashionable again.

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