December 14, 2010

Around the Neighborhood

These past months I had been seeing what the neighborhood looks like in the areas for possible relocation. I prefer close to work for me and hubby. If there’s no way we can see that possibility, we just have to stay where we are. Our neighborhood is an old community. It is safe and close to everything. I like where we are but I prefer to really like to get a house of our own. I don’t know if that could happen since the prices here are way too outrageous.

With some curiosity in our part, we went to different zip codes and check how the surrounding community looks like. It really varies from which the house is located. With that driving around and some prying we had seen beautiful properties in the hill side. Most of the people who lived in the hills can afford. Plenty of them are so huge and custom made. I got some idea of house designs from that experience. I saw several house mailboxes that are pretty unusual and but unique and fit to the designs of the house. Actually, many of the houses I had seen used the wall mount mailboxes. It’s very clean and it’s so nice. I wish I could have that wall mounted mailboxes too if I could get my own house. This is just wishful thinking. I don’t know if it’s going to be possible but I just wish it could.Those wall mount mailbox is very nice because it's very decorative in it's own way.

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