April 12, 2013

Macro Shots of Make Up

I was kind of busy today at work. I joggled one job to the other and didn't even finish my monthly report. Since we are short handed it was hard. So to relieve my stress, I went to 3 stores.

I bought some essentials and finally I got a palette from Wet N Wild. I didn't find all that I have in mind. Cvs has limited stocks.I will try Rite Aid next week maybe I could find what I am looking for. To be honest, I want to get the shadows that are Mac dupes lol.. Save money right? Or I should just stop thinking buying makeups. LOL.. Vanity that is.. I will be in search. Hopefully, I can get it.

I wonder where I got  my energy level tonight. Perhaps, the 15 minutes on the staircase machine helped me to burn fat and gives me this energy. I don't know but I feel like I got some power to move and think.

I used a desk lamp and Nikkor SB600 with D90 and Tamron 28-75. Settings: Aperture 5.6, Shutter Speed 125, Flash 1/32, Matrix, Iso 100, White Balance Auto +2 on the blue color wheel and so forth.. Try this yourself. You can achieve good quality pictures. If you use this setting, please make a comment and I would like to see your photos.

Wet N Wild: Comfort Zone & Petal Pusher

MAC: These colors are really close to real. I was so perfectionist to get this right.


Soft Brown



Satin Taupe

Ground Brown

Amber Lights


Goldmine - my very first eyeshadow
L'OREAL: I have no looks for these babies. It's hard to pull this off. I did swatch of this and combining other colors but I was not yet happy. Someday, I can have some looks using this.

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