October 15, 2010

Surprise Bday Party

It was a privilege that I got a request to shoot for a surprise birthday party. Though it might not be a good thing in my part since I would not be able to take so much about myself but friends were kind enough to remember me in some instances and took some photos of me.

Anyway, the party was held at American Legion in Campbell. Majority of us arrived on time for our call time at 12:30pm Oct the 9th. The place is cool and our party was held at the bar and outdoor patio. We got some view of the lake but it was covered with blinds. The weather was great it wasn't cold. We thought it could be a cold day. I guess the weather these days is like spring time. It's not cold and not too hot but there was a moment we hit heatwave too. The change of the weather is just crazy.

So, the party was great. I saw common faces and great friends. The celebrant arrived past 1:30pm and the treat for her was a success. The husband and the hosts did a good job. As for my part, I did try my best to take everyone some photos and memorabilia. Here are some of those:

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Scotty's Princess said...

Lovely captures! Thanks for sharing them!