April 20, 2008

Place to stay

I had missed to see some of my friends today. I thought the plan to go to San Francisco was canceled per Suzzy's message over the phone. I did not check my yahoo messenger until this afternoon which was kind of late already and I didn't expect that she and the girls would love to pushed it to SF. Well, another missed day again.

On the other hand, I was into looking some homes online and assisting Joey with some thoughts on which area could be the best for us to stay. Before, I feel it's just okay to live in the apartment. Right now, I don't feel like living in it anymore. This time of the year is the best time to buy a place since real estate is down and interest rate is low as well but what makes it a problem is getting qualified for banks and lenders are too uptight now. Well see what we can do with that. We'll try looking into it if we can find a house that could fit our wants.

We drove places in San Jose and some possible houses that we might getting. Couple of stops from there and drove to Fremont. There were 2 houses that is inviting and how I wish to find something lower to get more of our money. Last stop were at Union City but didn't care much for the house. It is situated near the freeway. It would make a lot of noise at night not a good one.

I hope there could be a day we could attain our goal. There might be some sacrifices on the weekend for meeting some friends since we need to move on this soon. If we will wait longer we might miss the opportunity. There's so much going now with my time and really running against it.


Bernadeth said...

nice blog and post. added you already in my blog. thanks for your visit and please add me here also. ty

Maya said...

don't worry, you'll both find the right house soon.it's frustrating sometimes but worth on having your own.
bonne chance!!